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    If I had a penny for every time we’re asked to provide a projector for use outside, I would be on the beach in Mexico enjoying an early retirement…but it just doesn’t work!

    Why doesn’t projection work well during daylight hours?

    Time and time again we are asked to provide a projector for a child’s birthday party or to show the football on a sunny Saturday afternoon, but the goal of having a big screen in the garden just isn’t as simple as you’d think.

    A general rule of thumb when looking into projection is that the projector needs to be 5-10 times brighter than the ambient light to produce a clear image. This, of course, causes a big issue when it comes to using a projector outdoors on a sunny day.

    A projector contains very clever equipment that generates light in the shape of an image and projects it onto a screen or surface. When using a projector in a dark space like a cinema, the projector has very little ambient light to fight so the image on the screen is both big and bright! When you try that same process outdoors the projector has to battle with the ambient light generated by the sun! This causes the image to be washed out by the sunlight making the image difficult to see.

    But I have seen big screens and projection outside before?

    What is commonly misunderstood is that projection just does not work well outside during daylight hours, unless you are able to use multiple high powered projectors to create an image that’s brighter than sunlight on that given day.

    Don’t have a projector 10 x brighter than the sun? Not to worry, we have some more suitable options for you.

    So what’s the alternative?

    There are other options for big outdoor displays which are a more suitable option during daylight. These are commonly referred to as “LED Displays” and can be seen at large sporting events and music concerts. “LED Displays” of this size are very expensive, require lots of power and need specially trained technicians to safely set up, manage and control the displays.

    For a more cost-effective alternative to large LED screens, we stock industrial quality LED displays which are more suitable for use outside during daylight hours.

    If you’re looking for a display for an outdoor daytime event, we stock 46”, 55” & 65” LED screens which are often seen as more suitable for outdoor use, it, of course, helps even more if you have some control of the ambient light levels.

    Pricing and further details can be found here



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