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Should you still be concerned about what physical audio visual connections to provide or should you just go wireless?


It can be a minefield deciding what device’s you are going to need to have connections for (HDMI was supposed to be the last connector) and some people still expect a VGA option, It changes regularly. The latest is USB-C. Apple’s new laptops only have USB-C (even for the power). Dell is doing the same and iPhones no longer even have a headphone jack. You could keep updating your system every time there are new connections but it is guaranteed that you will eventually not have the correct connection for a device.

wireless sharing, To wire or not to wire, that is the question

As phones and tablets become just as powerful as laptops more and more people are expecting to be able to use these to present information from. Offering a way to cast from these devices in a reliable smooth way is going to become the norm.

Switchers, matrices and cables take up a big chunk of the cost when installing systems which could be invested in more exciting front end stuff. Most meeting spaces could do away with a lot of these with a wireless BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) system where you can easily switch between or show multiple users of varying devices, doing away with trailing cables and delivering more seamless meetings and presentations.

So, to wire or not to wire?

I would still recommend having a wired option for absolute reliability or when security is essential but there are wireless solutions available for all different price ranges offering various features and all easier to connect to than a WiFi hotspot.

Some examples:

Barco Clickshare
Probably the most widely used and very user-friendly. It has both a great app and also USB dongles to instantly connect laptops. It is probably one of the most expensive.

Barco wePresent
Another great product from Barco at a lower price point with a great range to fit all needs, particularly the education sector.

Kramer VIA
Our favourite, much like the Barco Clickshare with some great features. It also has the easy to use laptop dongle but at a lower cost

Google Chromecast
Would not recommend this in a professional situation but just an example of how cheaply you can ditch wires and cast from your devices.


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