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The economics of updating to LCD/LED touch-sensitive screens are not an easy assessment to make – at all! For a start, it is not just a board for a board. Always remember that interactive white boards require a projector, ideally ultra short-throw, and some speakers to deliver sound. As well as this extra equipment cost, there is also an increased installation time to take into account.

The fitted cost for a new 77” interactive white board and associated ancillaries could be as much as £2600 (excluding VAT) which equates to the cost of the latest 55” Touch Screen. Whilst this is a smaller screen, the HD quality resolution of the latest LED/LCD screens means that it often equates once installed in the room. After that the benefits of a single screen are many and significant.

One additional matter to consider though is the software tie-in associated with SMART. If staff use SMART Notebook extensively, the transition to a Windows based system is not an easy move and licenses to operate on non-SMART platforms can be expensive.