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Many education providers are now choosing to switch to Multi-touch large format displays. With costs coming down due to increasing demand for touch screens they are more affordable than ever and a great alternative to interactive whiteboards and projectors.

Running costs are less with no need for bulb replacement or maintenance whilst energy usage is approximately 50% less than using a projector and whiteboard combination. Touchscreens require no calibration when installation is carried out increasing your savings further, you will also find included with your purchase a satisfying 5 year warranty.

The LED backlit touch screens are full HD and more than 3 x the resolution of XGA this means brighter crisper imagery that is more suitable for ambient lighting conditions, making touchscreens a more superior choice when considering AV technology for education spaces, such as classrooms that tend to be bright and open with lots of windows.

Possibly the best benefit of having a touch screen in your classroom is the shadows created from a ceiling or wall mounted projector are eliminated meaning your content is always visible when working on screen. Touch screens are supplied with integrated speakers so there is no additional cost of wall mounted ones, freeing up extra room in the classrooms. A touch screen will also be much quieter than projectors allowing for better concentration from your students.

Large format displays help to create better collaborations between teachers and students, with multi-touch function allowing multiple users to work on the screen at the same time and access to masses of content like apps including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and the web which are all free for education providers. Each brand of screen comes with their own unique suite of applications. 

Options for BYOD (bring your own device) improve learning experiences by allowing content from screens to be shared with tablets. Touch screens can help to create better engagement and interaction levels that will help to encourage understanding and increase better learning outcomes. They offer a more sensory level of enjoyable learning and as a teacher you will know when something is enjoyable children are able to retain more information.

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