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Stakeholder meetings are a vital tool for any business, regardless of size, to communicate a vision, brand or financial performance. Whether it’s an Annual General Meeting or Stakeholder, Staff, Public or Private sector meeting, AV Unit can help with the technical and creative input to make it work


We are professionals in putting together the perfect package for your event, with experience across a wide range of sectors such as healthcare, housing, public and private. We can create something that is unique to you and your meeting needs!

Boost the success of your meeting with AV Unit’s technical knowledge; from staging and lighting, to slide production and interactive voting:

  • Increase audience retention with clear visuals

  • PA Systems for your speaker

  • Roving microphones for your Q&A

  • Interactive voting

  • Staging & Set

  • Lighting

  • Engaging content that’s informative, entertaining and educational


We can help you achieve audience engagement with clear and concise visuals! Whether it is a meeting for 10 or a much larger meeting for 100, we have projectors to suit every need, every audience and every room size including both front and rear projection. We have projector screens available in formats 4:3 and 16:9, and we have a large variety of sizes suitable for the smallest audience to a LARGE one! We can also enhance the visuals by supplying Plasmas for use throughout your room to allow audiences further back to see a clear image of what is happening at the front.


A stage set can do many things, it can add drama, focus attention, display branding or simply hide parts of the venue.  Whatever the requirement, AV Unit can design a bespoke set to meet your vision or use a modular system to meet tighter budgets.  Solutions can range from small podiums with a lectern to large stages with furniture, lecterns and mood lighting to project your brand and key messages


Interactive voting allows your audience to participate and feel engaged in your meeting. It is a great way to get live feedback and data from your audience, and even avoid the need for a post-event questionnaire.  All information is instantly stored and available for future reference or use in a report. We can even capture your Q&A on film and edit to include the on-screen graphics, and then save it on to DVD or other preferred format for distribution.


It is essential that all your audience is able to hear the speaker, clearly and comfortably.  Depending on the size of the room, some amplification of voice will be necessary and therefore the right microphones and PA System should be carefully selected.  There are many considerations regarding microphones for the speaker – headset, lapel, lectern – and if the event requires a Q&A session, it would be appropriate to have a roving hand-held microphone as well.  And, of course, music to enhance the event requires consideration as well.  AV Unit stocks a full range of high quality audio equipment to create the right PA system package, including loudspeakers, mixers and amplifiers.


Great team on the night, felt in safe hands, lovely personal approach.


Cambridgeshire & District Law Society


To find out how we can help you bring the WOW factor to your event.  Call us on 01473 705205 or send us a message below: