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Numerous studies confirm that meaningful interaction between a presenter and the audience will improve attentiveness, interest, comprehension and recall. Direct involvement and instant feedback also promotes more effective communication. The result is greater effectiveness and productivity – for both the presenter and audience members.

Meetings made fun

Involve your audience through interaction and maximise audience participation and engagement. 


  • Maximise learning by keeping your audience engaged and attentive
  • Increase and measure your return on investment in the event
  • Gain insight in to your audience’s opinions
  • Check delegate understanding
  • Understanding audience’s views and adapt your presentation to suit
  • Initiate discussion and group interaction

Interaction that achieves this level of benefit can be initiated using Interactive Voting Systems, which record an individual’s response to a question and processes the data from the whole audience. In simple terms, Interactive Voting is a data processor:

  • Questions are displayed on the large screen for the audience to view
  • The audience use personal wireless keypads to respond to questions
  • The individual responses are transmitted to the receiver via radio frequency and sent to a computer
  • The computer tallies the responses from the base station and instantly displays them for the presenter or the entire group to see. Data can be shown as either total group feedback, individual responses, demographic units and scores, or team standings.


Audience response keypads can be used in any form of conference to gather large amounts of information quickly and easily from those attending. They can be used in staff meetings, new product launch events, sales meetings, or training and planning conferences. The flexibility of interactive voting software allows results to be viewed live for the group as a whole, by demographics or by teams. Additional questions can be entered as required and ‘before and after’ comparisons can easily be made to see if debate has changed the views of those present.


Interactive voting can be used to add a little fun or competition into an event. The system allows you to easily create teams and to then assign people to those teams. You can also add a count-down clock and split the clock into periods for “fastest correct answer”. Assigning a clock, points and periods, turns your quiz into team-based competition where the fastest correct answers are rewarded most. At any point during the presentation, you can display team standings and even individual standings.


Although your presentation may be light hearted and fun, the system provides detailed reporting. Organisers can view exactly how each person answered every question, and that data can be printed or exported to Excel. Slide comparison reports show which questions are most often answered correctly, and which are most often missed. And there is a class report which shows each percentile, the class average, and the overall standard deviation.

  • Get instant statistical results to questions
  • Option to display instant results as graphs or charts
  • Save the results for later analysis
  • Individual voters can be identified or anonymous
  • Questions can be inserted on the fly for quick polls
  • Results can be instantly analysed against previous demographic questions

The following suggestions provide some ideas on how Interactive Voting System can be used in meetings, seminars and other situations.


Many organisations carry out regular staff briefing sessions, and these events can be made more effective by viewing immediate feedback on subjects raised. The voting system can be used to ask staff their views on issues and the immediate results will allow management to ask follow-up questions to discover why the staff think the way they do. By asking a question at the start of the meeting, before briefing everyone on the subject, and then following this up with questions and a final vote on the same question, the system will identify if views have been changed.


The interactive voting system can used to ask attendees questions about customer opinions of the company and its products, about their views of competitors and customer’s views of the competitors.


Focus groups can use voting keypads to provide valuable insight into opinions and trends and frequently information is captured on paper and collated after the event. With interactive voting, responses to questions can be recorded and collated immediately and use can be made of demographics to split the groups into demographic units, ask them questions to get an immediate response, then start the discussion on the opinions gained.


The benefits of using Interactive Voting include generating greater interaction between the presenters and the participants, keeping the participants alert, switched on and above all, awake. The tangible benefits include allowing the trainer to see in real time how the participants are doing and how they are absorbing the learning points.

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