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Live streaming to web and mobile devices for conferences and major industry events has been an important, and fast growing, trend in the events market in recent years.  The perceived risk to attendance from giving delegates ‘free’ access to keynote speeches and panel discussions has been outweighed by the significant uplift in reach, social conversation and awareness generated for the events.

Unlimited attendees

Open up your event to attendees anywhere in the world with live event video streaming. 

Live event streaming – Taking your event worldwide

Live video streaming enables a much wider audience to join the event from anywhere in the world, watch the speakers, join the conversation on social networks providing an entirely new experience for event owners, guests and consumers.  When colleagues or members of your audience cannot attend in person, then we can handle everything needed to allow their participation.

AV Unit can take care of all the communication for your remote business meeting, product demonstration, AGM, or conference.  A typical live video stream uses two or more high-definition video cameras, sound equipment and a compact portable production unit.  The process is to capture the footage and audio, encode the video/audio for streaming, and then rebroadcast the content in real time to multiple viewers on any device.

The benefits to you are:
  • Expand your audience and broadcast to people anywhere in the world.
  • With pay per view options available as well as opportunities to market products to a global audience, you can increase revenue.
  • Create live engagement by communicating with online viewers in real time, answering their questions, getting their views.
  • Stand out from the crowd by leveraging this growing technology.
  • Get a return on investment – live streaming is affordable and cost-effective.
  • Share the experience by immersing your audience with the feeling of being in the room with you.
  • Review where your viewers are watching from, read their comments, track your popularity and analyse your impact.
  • Increase the impact of your event, by continuing the conversation after the event and creating longevity.

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