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The right production and the right conference audio visual technology plays a key part in maximising the value gained from any conference or meeting. We know there is nothing more frustrating than all the time, money and effort that goes into organising your conference only to find that your audience was not engaged, the key messages weren’t taken away and ultimately the events objectives weren’t realised.


Choosing the right tools, and more importantly, having the expertise to use them is essential when planning a conference. Here at AV Unit, we specialise in supporting engaging face-to-face events that will leave your audience wanting more. With 20 years of experience in the business, we can help you to create a great conference from start to finish. From staging, lighting, and slide production to interactive voting; we can support you with every aspect of your conference.

If you are experienced with using audio-visual and interactive technologies at events you can benefit from our extensive inventory of audio-visual and conference staging equipment. We appreciate that when it comes to staging an event there can often be a shortage of experienced staff available so we can provide knowledgeable staff to help you make sure it runs smoothly. But let’s face it, sometimes the stakes are higher or you just don’t know where to start and that’s where our full conference production service will really help. Tailored to your specific requirements, a full conference production may typically include:

  • Design of conference stage set to complement your brand, your vision or your conference theme

  • Big screen projectors, plasma screens and graphics displays for visual communication

  • Design of PowerPoint, Keynote and Prezi presentation graphics and slides

  • Interactive Voting , Audience Response Systems to engage and provide delegate feedback

  • PA system and microphones to ensure clear communication for your speakers and presenters

  • Lighting to add impact, atmosphere and illumination!

  • Autocue, teleprompting and presenter aids

  • Live video streaming of your event

  • Production management organisation between client, presenters and venue

  • A team of experienced, friendly audio-visual and event crew


Graphics, slides and visuals form a key part of communication at conferences.  Approximately one-third of any audience is likely to have a learning preference for visual information.  Incorporating this visual information into presentations is vital if the delegates are going to get the most out of the experience.  Being able to show those visuals big enough, bright enough, and clear enough with all the correct detail and colours is a skill that is often overlooked. We can help you achieve great visual results from anything from a small conference to a large-scale event as we hold stock of a wide variety of projectors and screens.

Whether front projection, rear projection, high definition (HD) widescreen or edge-blended super-widescreen we can advise you and supply the technology and know-how to make it all work smoothly.  Our graphic designers create presentation slides in PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi and can take the hassle out of managing all the presentations by integrating them seamlessly into the big screen. As well as projectors we frequently supply large Plasma and LCD screens for conferences. Useful for repeater screens or as digital signage way-finding and information displays. We stock a range of screen sizes from 42” to 65” and include screens with built-in media players that are ideal for standalone displays – requiring no computer or media player equipment.


A stage for a conference may be a practical solution for elevating the presenters and making them visible but it also has many other benefits. Carefully designed conference staging and stage set will help focus the audience, create an environment for engagement and dialogue, add impact as well as being able to communicate key messages or themes of the conference.

We provide a broad range of modular stage sets that can be customised with your conference or organisation's branding as well as custom building sets to fit a particular space or style.  Our staging is designed in 3D CAD so we are able to show you exactly how it will look in beautiful 3D rendered drawings.  Working in CAD with exact venue details we are able to create and illustrate layouts for your event so you know exactly how it will look and fit well in advance of your conference.


Interactive voting is great for keeping the delegates attentive, collecting views and collating data from your conference. It has the benefit of instant data whilst your conference is ongoing by producing live on screen results for your presenters and audience. More than just a talking point, this kind of audience interaction can shape the discussion and provide vital insight into your audience’s views and opinions.  Find out more about using interactive voting at your conference.


Our in-house team will film your conference ensuring key speeches and presentations are captured, interviews with delegates and speakers are filmed and for large events will provide live footage to screens so that everyone gets a good view of the presenters. Creating a video record of the conference is one thing but having done so, what next? There are numerous ways in which this footage can be put to good use to further communicate with your audience and re-enforce the key messages from the conference.  Our team provide all the post-production services to edit the footage and create a series of bite-sized chunks that can be distributed internally or via websites or social media to the delegates and stakeholders.  This enables you to leverage the investment made in the conference, continue to communicate with your audience after the event and get the best possible return on investment.


It is essential that the presenters and speakers are heard. It sounds obvious but frequently doesn’t happen. Delegates should be able to listen without straining and without distortion or distraction. Both volume and clarity of audio are essential if the delegate is going to get the most from the conference experience. We provide high-quality conference PA systems with a broad choice of microphones to suit all eventualities. Discrete lectern microphones and tie-clip radio mics are most common for presenters but we also have a large stock of table microphones for panel discussions, headset mics and hand-held radio mics for question and answer sessions. Our skilled sound engineers will take care of all the audio needs and make sure your conference gets the best sound experience.


We have a great range of stage lecterns including frosted acrylic, clear Perspex, elegant metal and pure white. Many of these can be personalised with vinyl-cut or printed graphics to suit your brand or conference theme. What we don’t have is any truss lecterns – we’ve moved on from the 80s!


I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you to you and the rest of the crew for making our staff awards event such a success. Your professionalism and flexibility made the whole process completely painless.


Norfolk and Suffolk NHS FT


To find out how we can help you bring the WOW factor to your event.  Call us on 01473 705205 or send us a message below: