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Vintage Blaze 55 Retro Style Tungsten & LED Effect Light

The Vintage Blaze is a Retro Style lighting effect with a combination of tungsten lamp and RGB LEDs.  The tungsten lamp provides the lovely warm glow whereas the LEDs make it a versatile creative tool. Both the inner and out LEDs can be controlled independently to provide an infinite number of effects. The large reflector makes it a real ‘eye candy’ effect and is great for both stage and TV use.



  • Two independent light sources (575W Tungsten and RGB LED)
  • DMX mode and stand-alone control
  • DMX (both 3 and 5 pin) and Powercon in and out for easy daisy chaining of units
  • Individual dimmer curves for LED and Tungsten
  • DMX modes from 1 to 11 channels.

Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 435 × 505 × 650 cm

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