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Junior Tilt and Touch Table Height Adjustable

The Genee Tilt & Touch table is a great addition to any Nursery, Key Stage 1, 2 or SEN classroom. It inspires fun learning with subject-specific content. Children learn and engage through game-led learning creating an environment that encourages collaboration and team building.

The Tilt and Touch Tables are pre-loaded with a huge range of educational software that encourages numeracy, literacy, creativity, letter formation, music, art and much more. Many of these programmes are multi-touch, enabling several children to use the screen at the same time.


  • 75° tilt
  • Can be used horizontally
  •  Painted with anti-bacterial paint
  • Tilting and lockable screen
  • Build in PC
  • Lockable safety weels
  • G-Safe built-in
  • 10 point touch
  • Also available in early years with or without height adjustable trolley