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DJ Disco Full Range Speaker Package

A speaker package suitable for parties, weddings and events. This package includes all the cabling you need to get your decks sounding great! This package includes: a pair of active speaker stacks, one active monitor and a DJ Desk to put your decks onto!


-Main PA: 2800W RMS, 5600W peak more details can be found here and here

-On-stage monitor: 200 RMS 250W peak more details can be found here

Audio Cabling: 10x 10m XLR, 2x 1m XLR, 1x 20m XLR, 10x 5m XLR

Power Cabling: 1x 10m 13amp, 1x 20m 13amp, 4x 5m 13amp, 2x 4 way 13amp, 1x 6 way 13amp.