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Digital signage allows you to display presentations, social media feeds, corporate videos, provide live updates, traffic/rail delays, photos, menus, display offers and sales. It provides a focal point for your messages, they are easy to update and supported by lots of different media formats


Inform, engage and entertain your target audience through the use of Digital Signage.

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Digital signage works by distributing multimedia content from a media player/source to viewable digital displays, software manages the content and the audio and video connections are distributed using extenders, splitters and amplifiers

You update the information via a central server or webpage so that it can be sent to your signage displays via an internal network or the internet. You can update your information instantly and organise the screens to display what you want and when by creating a timetable this allows you to make content specific to the time of day. The signage displays can show individual information or work as a group to cover large areas.


Digital signage is an effective approach to targeting your customers relevant to their environment, a great way to advertise whilst your customers are out of their home as It allows you to get your message across to a large audience quickly and create exposure for your business by informing, engaging and entertaining your target audience and it’s set to be the fastest growing advertising media over the next few years

Its beneficial to the Environment by reducing paper usage, although there is an upfront cost element it will reduce on printing costs in the long run, it’s also much quicker than sending your ads to print.

Top benefits;

  • Communication with staff

  • Training updates

  • Showcasing work

  • Fast and frequent updates

  • Reduces physical advertising space required

  • Inform waiting times and delays

  • Purchase decision influencing – special offers, sales

  • Environment friendly

It can help to communicate with your staff, update them on training, changes within the company and even showcase work/presentations to a large audience, the changes can be made fast and frequent and it reduces the amount of physical advertising space needed and allows for a rotation of ads.

Digital signage screens inform customers about waiting times and delays at Bus/train stations or can update your patients on waiting times and healthcare news in hospitals and GP Surgeries

In shops, restaurants and retail environments digital signage displays can help influence purchase decisions whilst in store, allowing customers to see your special offers and promotions.

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