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microphone Hire

Choosing the right microphone for your requirements is important so we have put together an overview of the most common options here. If you need help deciding which microphone is most suitable for your need please give us a call and we would be happy to discuss the options.


A microphone for every occasion

Solutions for a small conference or meeting or an audience of 1000.

choosing your microphone

All of our microphones come supplied with a frequency licence channel 38, so no interference from other transmitters/receivers in the area. Our microphones can be used as an addition to your current system, or we can provide the full package, see PA packages here.


microphone hire, RADIO MICROPHONE HIRE

Handheld Microphone

A great choice for events with lots of speakers can be more cost-effective than micing up multiple speakers. They also provide good gain before feedback occurs. Whilst also being simple and easy to set up with your existing PA or with a package that can be supplied by us. 

microphone hire, RADIO MICROPHONE HIRE

Tie-clip Microphone

Great for presenter freedom on stage, tie-clips are small and unobtrusive allowing the speaker the freedom to interact with the audience. However, there is limited gain before causing feedback and careful placement of speakers is required.  

microphone hire, RADIO MICROPHONE HIRE

Headset Microphone

Great for conferences, giving the speaker the freedom to move around and interact with the audience. The microphone is very close to the sound source, therefore provides a high level of gain, as the microphone moves with the head, this provides a consistent pick up

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