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Interactive Touchscreens

Interactive touchscreens are a great way to promote engagement, participation and learning across the education and corporate sectors. Through the use of this collaborative technology, your audience can interact with you in real time.


Get interactive with the latest touchscreen technology

Touchscreens are a great addition to corporate training rooms, meeting rooms and classrooms, adding interactivity and collaboration.

Your team can interact directly with the touch screen or collaborate through ‘bring your own device’ software, this creates increased staff engagement through interactivity making meetings and presentations more effective and engaging.

So throw out your flip charts! With an interactive touch screen you can write, save, print and email your notes directly from the screen, no more deciphering crazy handwriting and typing them up!

Liven up PowerPoint presentations by writing annotations over slides to emphasis points and swiping the screen to navigate around the presentation.

Interactive touchscreens, INTERACTIVE TOUCHSCREENS
Interactive touchscreens, INTERACTIVE TOUCHSCREENS
Interactive touchscreens, INTERACTIVE TOUCHSCREENS
Interactive touchscreens, INTERACTIVE TOUCHSCREENS
Interactive touchscreens, INTERACTIVE TOUCHSCREENS
Interactive touchscreens, INTERACTIVE TOUCHSCREENS

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The Cost of Early Adopting

The economics of updating to LCD/LED touch-sensitive screens are not an easy assessment to make – at all! For a start, it is not just a board for a board. Always remember that interactive white boards require a projector, ideally ultra short-throw, and some speakers...

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