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More and more houses of worship are using high quality display technology to inspire and engage, bringing messages, prayers and hymns to life through video and sound.

Raise the roof

Every ceremony is special, so give your congregation something memorable with the use of AV technology.

Considerate audio visual solutions

Houses of worship often create a unique set of challenges when it come to integrating good quality audio visual systems.  Traditional and historic buildings often have architectural designs that are far from ideal in terms of both sightlines and acoustics. Couple this with the need to be sympathetic to the surroundings the task of designing and installing modern audio visual system draws on our years of experience.

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Flat Panel Displays

Flat panel displays can assist in video relay of large ceremonies by providing worshipers at the back of the church with a clearer view. Screens can be mounted and installed or provided on trolleys for ease of movement.

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Get the bigger picture with the latest HD projectors. A great option for houses of worship as they can be sympathetic to their surroundings and building regulations whilst keeping the natural look of the church.

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Audio Visual Relay

Audio and visual relay can be used to provide a large audience with a better view, to other areas where families can join in away from the main congregation, the service can even be relayed to a separate location altogether.

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Video Cameras

Video cameras provide a view where the line of sight is not possible. Or It can be used for reproduction of the ceremony to provide guests with a takeaway to remember their special occasion.

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Induction loops

Houses of worship tend not to be hearing friendly environments and Induction loops are essential to ensure that the congregation can hear loud and clear despite the acoustically challenging environment.


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Public address & sound Systems

PA systems are a cost-effective solution for providing premises with vocal and background music reinforcement allowing communication with a large audience.

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am to AV Unit, we faced challenges when trying to bring this old beautiful building into the modern age. AV Unit allowed me to run with ideas and then tidied them up into practical solutions that allowed us to implement av without damaging the sacred space. Overall we have been very impressed with AV Unit, with the service and technology that was on offer to us.” 

Brynn Bayman, Chaplain, Framlingham College

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