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Classrooms have evolved with the use of interactive technology. Chalkboards, flipcharts and whiteboards are a thing of the past! AV Unit design, supply and install classroom audio visual equipment including SMART Boards, short-throw projectors, interactive whiteboards, touch screens and interactive projectors. We work with a range of manufacturers and software systems so can select the most appropriate system for your needs.

Give us a call for friendly expect advice, competitive pricing and professional installation. Our installation team are based in Ipswich and install av systems throughout Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and London.

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Classroom AV Technology

New technology ensures that all your lessons are productive by achieving a higher level of engagement from your students by allowing them to take part in lively and participating discussions that are beneficial to their learning experience, making classrooms more efficient is easy with use of modern technology.

AV Installation in classrooms and lecture halls increases engagement through more entertaining visual displays and presentations it encourages students to be more creative. It engages all learning styles Audio, Visual and Kinaesthetic and is a bright and captivating way for your students to learn.


AV Unit supply a wide range of classroom AV technologies and productions. Here is a short run down of the most popular:

SMART Boards and Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards in the classroom are powerful tool for collaboration and interactivity, They allow the integration of media content into a lesson and support collaborative learning. Used innovatively they create a wide range of learning opportunities. They are a very flexible tool which can be used with both the youngest primary school children and higher education students.

A typical Smartboard or interactive whiteboard consists on two main components; 1) a interactive projection surface and 2) a projector. When connected to a PC the interactive whiteboard surface acts as the input device replacing the computer mouse. By touching or dragging your finger across the surface you can control the PC in the same way you would with a mouse. The PC’s screen image is simultaneously projected onto the board allowing you directly control and manipulate the image.   Most interactive whiteboards come with a suite of software to help with using the board in a creative learning way but common functions are; adding annotations, highlighting text, drawing, capturing and saving screens. Many software suites also include lessons and games designed around using the full interactive functions of the board.

In the classroom kinaesthetic learners can get hands-on by touching and moving things around the screen. They can also highlight elements, add labels and make notes. Visual learners will benefit from the large display and graphical content where as auditory learners can join in with the classroom discussion.

Interactive Whiteboards with Ultra Short Throw Projectors

Ultra short throw projectors incorporate a special lens and mirror that casts the light from the projector out at a wide angle. The projector is mounted from the wall above the screen and the projectors mirror corrects the image so that the image is projected onto the surface of the interactive whiteboard. These types of projector provide a distinct advantage over the traditional lens projector when used with Smartboards and interactive whiteboards. As the light comes from above the shadows cast by the user are much lower and interfere less with the image. It is also easier to see and write on the board as you don’t need to position yourself in a way were you aren’t blocking the projection. Installation and maintenance of ultra short throw projectors is also simpler than ceiling mounted projectors.

CleverTouch and Large Format Interactive Screens

CleverTouch and other large format interactive screens operate in a similar way to interactive whiteboards but offer a number of advantages over projection boards. They use a high definition LCD display with touch sensitive surface rather than a projector and board. This means that there is no shadow cast by the user making it easier to see and operate. The bright LED backlit HD screen with antiglare surface produces crystal clear images even with higher ambient light conditions. The multi-touch surface responds to a number of touch points simultaneously making it a more intuitive and usable interactive experience.

Interactive Projectors

Interactive projectors are a relatively new addition to the range of classroom AV options. They perform a similar function to other interactive whiteboards but with one significant difference – the interactive technology is built into the projector rather than the board. These projectors can be used with any projection screen surface or even a white wall however the greatest advantage comes when they are used with a projector whiteboard. A conventional interactive whiteboard cannot be written on with dry-wipe pens and a conventional whiteboard is too shiny to be able to project onto. By using an interactive projector with a multifunction projector whiteboard you have all the options available to you. You can either use it as a dry-wipe board, a projection screen or an interactive whiteboard. We also supply models that are magnetic so it is easy to stick and move around other materials like on a notice board. These types of board are ideal where classroom wall space is limited.

Interactive projectors can operate without a PC. As the interactive technology is built into the projector the teacher doesn’t have to power-up a PC or install drivers in order to write or annotate on the boards using either a finger or one of the special projector pens. The built-in wireless function allows the connection of a range of handheld or desktop computers. Infact, using the app, the whole classroom can connect to the projector and the teacher will be able to moderate whose pc or tablet is being displayed.

Speakers & Soundbars

Often forgotten in favour of the more obviously visual equipment, sound plays an important role in the classroom. Not only for the playback of audio from videos but also the feedback from clicks on the interactive boards. The Soundbars provide a convenient, cost effective and easy to use solution for adding sound to interactive whiteboards or touch screens.

Classroom Visualisers

The visualiser or document camera, as it used to be known, has been around for many years. It’s strength is in its simplicity and versatility and now that projectors and large screens are a commonplace in the classroom it is now even easier and more useful.

The visualiser is essentially a camera that connects to your display and as such you can view anything from a sheet of paper to a person! The image is shown in full colour on the screen and you have controls to zoom, point and annotate. Great for showing experiments, sharing students work, building models or a thousand other uses.

The Best Classroom AV Equipment

At AV unit we work with a huge range of equipment from a wide range of manufacturers. Our twenty years in business has taught us what works, what doesn’t and enables us to select the most appropriate equipment for your particular purpose. It is not uncommon for a customer to have originally thought of a particular bit of kit but by using our knowledge of what’s out there and our experience of supply, installing, training and maintaining AV equipment we are able to suggest alternatives that can offer improved performance, more features, better reliability or a lower cost.

We regularly install projectors from Hitachi, Epsom, Mitsubishi, Casio, NEC, Canon and Panasonic as well as interactive whiteboards from Smart Technologies, Genee, Hitachi Starboard and Cambridge, eBeam, Sahara CleverBoard and Promethean ActivBoard.