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Interactive Events – Your Vote Counts!

interactive voting audience responseAn NHS client recently asked us to provide audio visual support for an event, together with Audience Participation handsets. The opportunity for an audience to interact goes down a treat, increasing productivity and retaining their attention throughout the conference. It adds fun and value to events, meetings and training sessions and allows for instant statistical responses to be used and detailed reporting post event.

Alison Mayhew from Provide NHS, said: “The interactive voting sessions were very good. They allowed senior management the opportunity to gain instant feedback (some quite revealing) and gauge staff awareness of important issues. Also it gave influence to the staff by making their views visible for all to see. We used it to evaluate the conference so there was no need for feedback forms after the event and most importantly they loved feeling part of the day and having their say. One Assistant Director kept pointing the keypad at the screen like a remote control – all in all the excitement of the pads livened up the day.”

You can read more about the benefits of interactive voting here. >


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