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Choose from a wide range of multimedia data video projectors available for hire.  We stock desktop LCD models as well as Full HD and DLP projectors.  We also have a full range of projector screens to ensure you of the best possible projected image.  Here’s a brief description of the different types of projector available to hire.

Desktop Projector Hire

Desktop Data Vide ProjectorDesktop models are great for meetings and presentations.  Simply plug in you laptop and you can project your PowerPoint or Keynote presentations. They also have a wide range of input so you can plug in DVD video players, iPads or other media players.

NEC Desktop Data Video Projector 3100 ansi lumen
Sanyo Desktop Video Projector 4500 ansi lumen

Medium to Large Screen Projector Hire

Hitachi-CP-X5021N-1In situations where you are using a larger screen or you need to combat the effects of high ambient lighting the room a brighter projector would be an advantage.  These models retain the portability and all the functions of the desktop models but are more suited to screens of 8ft to 10ft wide.

Hitachi Data Video Projector XGA 5000 ansi lumen

HD Projector Hire

nec-m402h_1‘The devil is in the detail’ as they say and high definition projectors offer a greater resolution.  This is particularly useful if you presenting with spreadsheets or small text. These projectors come with DVI and/or HDMI connections so you can interface with full HD players and laptops.

NEC Full HD 1080p DLP Projector 4000 ansi lumen
Christie DWU951 Full HD WUXGA DLP Projector 8500 ansi lumen

Wide Angle Short Throw Projector Hire

Hitachi cpcw300wnMost desktop projectors have a standard built-in lens that requires the projector to be positioned some way from the projector screen or surface.  Typically the distance is 1.5 to 2 times the width of the screen. Wide angle projectors have a special lens that allows you to minimise the distance between the projector and the projection screen. These short throw projectors will typically only require a throw distance of half the width of the screen.  This is an advantage when space is limited but also makes it easier to keep out of the way of the projected image so you don’t cast shadows.

Hitachi Short Throw WXGA 3100 ansi lumens

Wide Screen Projector Hire

Hire NEC ProjectorYou may have noticed that for the last few years the format of computer screens has been changing from the 4:3 format to widescreen aspect ratios of 16:10.  It is now far more common to have a widescreen format so it is likely that you will want a projector to match that.  If you have created you PowerPoint or Keynote slides with a modern widescreen template then these widescreen projectors will be ideal.    It is still possible to display a 16:9 image on a 4:3 projector but you will either end up black bars top and bottom of the screen or squishing the image sideways to make it fit.

Hitachi Short Throw Wide Screen Projector 3100 ansi lumen
NEC Desktop Data Video Projector 3100 ansi lumen
NEC Full HD Wide Screen DLP Projector 4000 ansi lumen
Sanyo HD Format Wide Screen LCD Projector 6000 ansi lumen

Large Venue Event Projectors Hire

Christie-LX66-1When you need a big screen you also need a projector with a higher light output.  Large venue projectors typically have interchangeable lenses so that you can match the focal length to the particular circumstances of the venue.  They will often have dual lamps to get the increased brightness but also to build in redundancy for the critical situations in live events such as conferences, awards ceremonies and live performances.

Christie LX66 Large Venue XGA Projector 6500 ansi lumen
Sanyo PLV-WF20 Large Venue WXGA 6000 ansi lumen
Christie Q Series DWU591 WUXGA DLP Projector 8500 ansi lumen

DLP Projector Hire

DLP Multimedia ProjectoDLP projector use a different type of image processor to the LCD models.  The DLP (Digital Light Processor) used thousands of minute mirrors to create the pixels. This is combine with a colour wheel to create the colour images.  The result is better contrast ration and more realistic colour rendition when compared to LCD models.  DLP projectors are popular when video and films are being shown as the subtleties of the graduated shades and colour are produced more accurately.

NEC Full HD 1080p DLP Projector 4000 ansi lumen
Christie DWU951 Full HD WUXGA DLP Projector 8500 ansi lumen

Don’t worry, help is at hand

If you are not sure which projector you need to hire just give us a call and we would be happy to discuss your requirements and make a recommendation for you.